Double Dual African Mixed Chic meets Christian Modesty

​So I call myself a masterpiece creation, woven by the great and powerful hands of the creator. 

I have brown caramel skin, brown eyes, and cheeks that smile sky high.

Yes that’s me! Nigerian and West Indian.

 Who? I have the best of both worlds, tight curly and super soft hair, Diversed , that can stretch here and there. I am black and mixed.      

Two Dialogues and cultures twisted together in one household, that’s a lot of responsibility. 

Nigerian Hausa and Anguilla host, cared for me the most. 

I can remember the smells of Ocra boiling, yum! Pounder yam and Ocra or my mother’s Peas soup being cooked during Thanksgiving!  What an island and African treat. 

So sweet to the beat of the carribean and African  rhythm. 

I remember my cousin  Jackie who taught my brother and I how to sway or hips, to finally represent our family culture. 

Tradition matters, Gotta know how to dance ! Can’t stand a chance without knowing a little dip and wine, or sweet mother times!             

Daddy took us to Nigerian cookouts, where there were competitions  in dance and races, and enjoyed the loud booming Nigerian tunes with the famous Jallof rice, sweet plantains, and meat being cooked on the grill.

I’ve got the best of both worlds where Culture and religion collided to make me an orginal African  Double dual mixed Chic. I’m a mixed chic and I’m Proud!      -Shade’ 


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