Ladies 20’s-Single and Pleased!

The Long Strecth-20’s
The classic long stretch of the “Twenties”. This ten year strectch gives a high expectation of meeting our life long husband and a Low tolerance for men who will waste our time.

The search

Romeo oh Romeo where art though Romeo?! , we scream from time to time. Impatiently waiting we begin to imagine what the perfect husband will feel and look like. Tall, has flawless skin, has blue or hazel brown eyes, handsom, built, has an infectious relationship with God, gives us all the attention, knows how to cook,  has an eight to five job, and comes home wearing a nicely talored suit after work. The fantasy!! Then, as time goes by after scrolling on Facebook and clicking profile after profile of the “perfect fit husband” for our fantasy life, we find that options and this reality becomes seemless, barely, and lastly near to none!

 We search and search and try to build this love story off of our impractical imagination. Why? When? Can I have him before the year ends? Where is he? This man better be worth waiting on… we think as we kick and scream.

Patiently Waiting 

Then we are faced with patiently waiting and allowing Jesus to lead us. We have the choice of beating our heads to the wall or allowing the peace of God to come into our lives and allowing him to lead us to our Fantasy.

The Wait Is over

So, Im guilty. I found a guy, who is devoted to Jesus, handsome, black, tall, looks great in a nicely fitted suit, kind, into health and fitness, and has a passionate heart. Did I mention I found him on facebook?…. After scrolling on Facebook for two days and looking at my choice of man and my fantasy dream, I finally came to the realization that, this guy is NOT pursuing me. He is NOT scrolling down my facebook wondering if I am taken, what my interests in life are, he is not daydreaming at my lifestyle or wondering if I am interested in dating. He is NOT pursuing me. I finally realize that I am content after sighing, daydreaming and clicking on pictures of my “fantasy husband”. I finally realize that this is the time to enjoy my singleness, to have a peace of mind and to have fun. I finally realize that there is nothing wrong with being single and pleased with loving and giving all my heart to Jesus. To surrender to him means to give him my heart and allowing God to search me and change me. It’s actually quite enjoyable! And besides he Loves me and knows me the best.

The Perfect Matchmaker.

 Ultimately he is the perfect match maker. ❤  Single and Pleased.


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