Halloween or What?

In my childhood days, I could not wait until Halloween came. I remember how my mother would take us to the mall and allow us to get all the candy we wanted from the stores in Pembroke Lakes Mall before it got dark. Later after the mall, my mother would let us go door to door trick or treating with our neighborhood friends. My aunt would invite us to her church Halloween fun night with bounce houses, games, hay rides, and dancing! Oh the fun!

It all began to stop around year 2005, after the hurricane came and the neighbor hood watch began to die down.  She began to get a little scared from allowing my brother and I to go trick or treating at night.

Times have changed, I don’t see kids out in the neighborhoods playing with each other. 

I don’t see the bike rides, basketball games, girls jumping rope, or kids playing hide and go seek. And I definetely don’t see the kids trick or treating.




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