3-Day Quote Challenge I’ve been Nominated!!

Yay! I’ve been nominated for a 3-day quote challenge! Each day for 3 days I will post 3 quotes. 

I have been nominated by J L Hunt. So, thank you J L Hunt, please go check out her awesome blog! She is great!

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3 Day Quote Challenge – http://wp.me/p7e5by-2Bl

I will also nominate 3 other bloggers, thanks for the nomination :)))
So, this is how it works…I will be posting 3 quotes for the next 3 days, & nominating 3 additional blogs, each of the 3 days.

For today’s 3 quotes, the subject matter will be regarding, Rest & reflection. Per sometimes when everything around is going haywire, we just need to slow down to realign our compass. 

Here are my three nominees:

RULES for the 3 day quote challenge:
You are under no obligation to participate. But, congratulations on being nominated 🙂

1. Choose 3 other nominees

2. Thank the person you were nominated by

3. Post 3 quotes for 3 days

Stay up! Stay positive 🙂 I hope you enjoyed these quotes , have a blessed day 🙂


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