At the beginning of this year, I did not understand what grace meant. I’m not afraid to admit it…

Around that time I kept praying to God and asked,  “what does grace really mean lord?”- I really wanted this revelation for myself, I didn’t want to be told, or hear it from a person’s opinion, I wanted to get the understanding that will stick and stay with me.

What does that 5- letter word mean to me?

 I prayed and said, “God, please allow me to get the meaning.” Not long after I understood the meaning through my Pastor’s sermon.

Grace is a Gift that God gives us everyday, so that we can continue on everyday. It’s undeserved and unmerited favor. I was told that God will give me grace to get to his promise.

We tend to mess up daily, even when we don’t realize it.

 But, it’s by God’s grace that we are able to continue on in our daily walks with God.

His grace is what allows me to praise and worship.

It’s by his grace that you can be saved. It’s by his grace that we are saved.

His unending and everlasting love for us is breathtaking. 

And it’s by his grace.



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