On the phone:
Daddy: I am very Disappointed, Very Disappointed.

Me:He Just has to learn to be a father now.

Daddy: Ok, well I’m going to go. What are you doing right now, Studying? 

Me:Yes, I am Studying.

Daddy:Ok, Shade’ be Good. Be Good. Be Good ok..?!


So, for the last week and a half, I have kept a closed mouth about something my brother has been waiting to tell my parents.

I played an exact guess of how my parents were going to sound.

I painted a picture of my mom, yelling , “What?! Oh Hell no!. I can’t take this anymore.”

And I painted a picture of my father storming around the house,” yelling No! No! No! No! And raising his hands up and placing them behind his head in awe.”

My guesstimation was 50% correct.

I am VERY Surprised.

 My mother is the most calm, she just said there is nothing we can do about it. My father is actually way more furious than what I expected. 

My father’s Immediate response was: He is on his own! 

When I was on the phone with my daddy, he kept pausing and waiting for me to intercede to give him those words of wisdom. This time I just felt in my spirit that he has to allow this settle in first. 

He was on an emotional high. So I decided, I will let a couple days go by before speaking to my dad about, how to peacefully and heartly respond to this situation.

 My mother’s response was: “She(my brothers girlfriend) told us that her parents and family are all very happy and supportive. 

I asked my mom, 

“Well, How do you feel?” 

She said, “I wasn’t expecting this to happen this early, but I am Ok, with it. He just needs to learn how to be a father.

My response to my brother : 

“God is Alpha and Omega, he knows the beginning before the end. So, this didn’t surprise him. He knows all our mistakes before they happen. You just need to get prepared now. I hope you are thinking about getting another Job. 

What do you want the baby to be? A boy or girl?….

On the back of my mind. I am not as worried about his girlfriend. As the younger and only sister, my innate concern is my brother. 

I just want my brother to be ok. I just don’t want all of these life events, to worry him or weight him down. I pray that my brother would have a closer relationship with the Lord to experience All he has for him.

 In time, I know he will experience the real meaning behind this scripture “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.”



  1. I remember when I learned I was pregnant (not married at the time), there were so many overwhelming emotions. I will never forget the words of my sister-in-law when she said “a baby is never a bad thing.” It is not easy, but I hope and pray all goes well.


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