I don’t want your claps, or your appraisal.

You see the journey I’ve been on didn’t include claps.

The journey I am on includes trials, tests, and fights behind  closed doors of the friendly smile I wear.

Your clap is just a mere realization that I’m the person you never knew I was.

When I was quiet and being hidden by the mighty creator who crafted me in eloquence and molded me into the person I am, 

I didn’t receive a clap or a Hooray or a trophie which said , “1st Place Winner To Shade’, The Achiever Of Yesterday.”

I was comforted and graced by the presence of the king, he is my trophie.

To wake up to his new mercy was a gift received everyday.

To be freely welcomed into his presence even though I was a sinner, was my encouragement and a daily refreshment.

So, when you realize who I am, the chosen bride of Christ, Don’t praise me, Praise my Father, praise my savior , praise the one who kept me because I am not me.

 I am not me without Him, without the true I am.

He gave me the victory.

I don’t need you to like me.

It’s all for the King!



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