Boyfriend – He is NOT your Husband.

I have always been apprehensive to having  “boyfriends.”
The dictionary’s definition of a boyfriend: a regular male companion with whom one has a romantic or sexual relationship.

I’m going to be real with you, I have never been into the culture of having a boyfriend. 

Recently, I began to fall for a close friend of mine and..
After seeking God I I found out from God that He is not my husband.

I found myself gaining so many feelings for him, to the point of considering marriage.

And this almost smothered God’s voice out. 

After prayer and really asking God,  I heard the truth, “No Shade’, he is not your husband.”

But, during my conversations with him, I found out that he to, does not believe in the whole boyfriend/girlfriend concept. In the country where he is from-Nigeria- most of his community goes straight into engagement. 

He told me that, it was only when he came to the United States when he heard about boyfriends/girlfriends.

I believe that getting involved in relationships like having a boyfriend or girldriend that close, could lead to soul ties, if we don’t seek God’s voice and his Will out quick enough. And a Soul tie, is Nothing to play about!

I have always watched friends around me get into relationahip and then move on to the next guy or girl as if they were toys.

I to, have done this in other ways, where I would talk to guys, only for my personal pleasures.

It’s important to observe ourselves, to protect our own hearts, and to obey the voice of God when it comes to our friendships which can potentially lead to anything other than friendly friendships or marriage.

I have always had the fear of Allowing anyone other than the one who God has for me (my husband) too close to me.

 I almost consider it as cheating.

Like my friend told me last night, “How would your husband feel if he knew from a distance you were his future wife, but you are in a relationship with someone who isn’t the person God chose you to be with?

The wait, is  full of anticipation. 

What I have come to realize after these past couple of years, is that God loves us so much. God wants us to be with someone who he knows is compatible with us in ways we can’t imagine. He wants to place us with someone we can truely grow with and impact others lives with.

I can’t say I know much about marriage, but watching my families marriages, and now that I am growing in the faith as a Christian, 

I understand the Importance and the impact this ONE person we are staying strong for(beating our flesh down to the ground)  has on us.

This one person affects our offspring, our family, our jobs, our ministry, and our personal health as a person.

Obeying the voice of God the first time, Goes a long way. 

I personally won’t allow “a boyfriend” to be the mediator between God’s will and what I think I need for that moment.



    1. Hello Faith, God bless you and Happy Holidays, yes we heave to obey Holy Spirit. And allow God to lead us to our Husband. I am also learning to let go and allow Jesus to lead me to him. While we wait, there is so much work to be done for his Kingdom’s Glory! ❤ Sis in Christ

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