Persistent, determined to be her best

A little bored with time, but willing to try

Invention creative mind

Loving and a little coarse at times

Bubbly as they say but quick to look away

New friends can be old to her

But, She’ll try and try again

Mixed and Loved by many 

Relaxed excited by discovery

A new thought brings new adventures

Her dream is to travel

To see and breathe and admire

Time passes by, and she watches 

Sometimes struggles with her own dream

But, often gets inspired from time to time

She can’t give up, doesn’t want to give up

But,time seems to be her worst enemy.

Ageless beauty, but that clock still runs ahead

Science to science passion and wonder

She’s excited about the future but, is challenged by one test

Will she keep on keeping?

She agrees, She will keep on keeping on..

Her angel is the one who brings new revelation, 

Inspired by his faith

Takes notes on his lessons and applies it to her own life

New Image 

Picture perfect

Hand me the camera, so I can see the gallery of my life by time.

Patiently she will wait


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