Be an aware Believer

It’s important to know who you are as a Christian when speaking or sharing with someone with a different faith.

Often times , we think just because we are saved that we can change everyone.

What we have to remember is that God is the one who changes other non believers. Jesus is the only saving grace.

We plant seeds. God adds the increase.

 So, don’t get frustrated. Don’t try to force your faith on the unbeliever if they aren’t receptive.

Be aware that unbelievers have many questions and often times are skeptical. So, some of their questions might cause you to fall if you aren’t strong spiritually. 

Do a self checklist.

1. Has God asked me to speak to this person?

2. What is Holy Spirit telling me concerning this person?

3. Am I prepared to seriously pray for this unbeliever daily? 

4. Do I have an accountability partner to ask to speak or pray with in times of need ? I.e. pastor at church, church leader, or a strong minded Christian brother or sister.

5. Always use Wisdom. 

6. Pray for yourself, ask for Holy spirit to guide you.

7. Do not get angry, Always Love when responding to questions.

8. Read and refer to the bible. Don’t just use your experience.



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