The American Cancer Society Volunteer Appreciation- Fun Chilli Contest!

There were 7 different choices to choose from, and boy am I Full! I Chose number 2! I know it doesn’t look like the typical chilli,  but it tastes very hearty,almost like a soup. This Chilli actually got the most popular vote 🙂

A lot of  smiles and stories to go along with them. The American Cancer Society is a place full of Victory. Even the workers each have their own story.
I’ve met tons of cancer survivors. And even helped a woman with cancer pick out her best wig.

On my first day, I got to help the Sweetest woman who just had surgery on the week before. She couldn’t hold the Strides against cancer shirts she was given for her team. So, I rushed over to help her to the car, and told her that she is strong, and that I will be praying for her.

I love these random moments of Charity. 💖




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