Blessed to be a Blessing

It happened so quick. 

When I was in the kitchen today, I asked God how can I bless other people?

When I went to pickup a redox movie, a Lady named Ann who was homeless was sitting outside in the Cold.

I don’t know how we started speaking, but, we started talking automatically. 

Ann said they took her car and she is trying to go to the beach tomorrow.

Ann , began commenting on how beautiful my eyes were. And how she knows I have my dad wrapped around my fingers, because of how sweet I am. Lol

I ask her where she is from, and she says Michigan. So, I ask do you have food? Have you eaten today? 

Ann says all I have is a nutribar.

So,I tell her I made some food and that I will be back to give some to her.

I come back, and I give her a bowl of fish, rice,beans and corn , two bottles of water, a Gatorade,  a nature valley bar, and 4 Hershey Milk/Almond chocolates. She commented out of delight and said, you made this? Did your mom teach you, it’s great! 

I tried to help her find her car, and I plan to keep trying prayerfully.

So, as I left I ask, are you Christian? 

(After seeing her Cross necklace.)

And she says yes… so I say :

“Well If I don’t see you again or soon, I will see you up there in heaven.”

She says,that’s a great way to think

And I say: Well it’s true, Byee!

Ann says : Good bye Shade’

All this to say, God is a promising God. I am Glad to be used for his Glory. Even when We think we don’t have a lot to give, there are some people who can be touched by a simple conversation,  or a gentle smile.


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