Broken, and being glued back together /Process

Sometimes being a byproduct of a person, teaches you the Yes and No’s of Life.

We realize after growing up that some of the things experienced in our personal life, are things that may not be normal.

As I watch and see the gloom, anger, frustration. I reason that maybe everyone’s relationship has its ups and downs.

I reason, that that’s what Love is.

 It will never have a straight happy sign in every corner that you turn.

But, to see and experience the surface of ugly -I never want to adapt to this type of living.

So, I conciously know not to make the same mistakes that I have witnessed. 

And, I pray that my heart  will be cleaned and healed of the things that I see and hear. 

They call me..”Wise.” Because of my decisions.

But, what you don’t know is that I am  also turning away from things that see and hear. Things that I have experienced.

I don’t want to adapt to this lifestyle neither do I want my future spouse and family to adapt.

Often times I feel disgust, anger and annoyance.

But, God supplied me with strength to endure. 

I sometimes think and ask God, why? Why did you choose me to endure this type of emotional imbalance ?

But, I suppose I became broken from this byproduct and God is gluing me back together by his Love, scripture, Power,  grace and mercy.



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