Modesty and embracing a Woman for who she truely is!

Some months ago I had a friend pull me aside to say hat he appreciates me because of how Modest I dress. He went on to say that he wished that other women learned how to dress modest. And I honestly embraced his words. 

I think as Women in this generation, we have became so obsessed with Bodily images and looking attractive by our accentuated body parts(breast, legs, butt, lips, and hips).

We love wearing clothes that expose our skin.

We want men to check us out. βœ”βœ”βœ”
News Flash: 

We can still look attractive without wearing “hardly any clothes.” 

I understand that Fashion is moving forward,  and it might be out of season. But, we can still cultivate our fashion sense with modest waredrobes while staying stylish!

 We need to embrace our inner beauty and personality. Why? Because when we become married and become older our husband won’t be obsessed with the first body he married.
 But, he will be most attracted to our beliefs, mind, personality and morals.

I would much rather allow my husband to embrace my body in private than have men who aren’t my husband side eye my body and cause them to have Lustful thinking/imaginations.

Our bodies should only be given to our husband’s eyes and no other being. 

Check out these Stylish Modest Waredrobes πŸ™‚



  1. A woman who knows how to look stylish without the easy trick of showing skin is a woman who knows herself. She’s put in the work of learning her skin tone, her body type, and what colors and styles go best with it. If a woman puts in that work, I know she is both confident in her God-given beauty and paying serious attention to God’s commands about modesty. Instant treasure.

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