Give me a beat.


Intellectual curiosity 

Ain’t enough to reach spiritual curiosity 

You so concerned about being good

This ain’t a democracy               

Things of the natural can’t reach the spirit of God

Spiritually decerened word 

Be brought to the light

Get yo face off my rights.   

Free because of Jesus

That’s my right      

You can’t bring me down at all

Imma stay high.       

Pray for you, that’s all that I have for you.

I wrote this because of someone who thinks I am mean, for staying in place for Jesus on facebook a year ago, and yes I do believe God  grew me up. I use to be that type of Christian who had to speak back to everyone, “because I knew Jesus.” We have to learn to only be led by holy spirit and to only respond in Love. Just Because you read the bible daily, and because you think you know Jesus more than anybody else doesn’t make you more holier than your neighbor.

Sometimes we can be so much into wanting to know God that we become religious, and forget that we too, are a mess. And it’s only by God’s grace that we were saved and not of our own.

Condemning others is not the way to go. We can’t bring other people to Christ by shoving the bible down their throats. It’s only by his Love that he draws all men.

All we can do is sow seeds and he brings the increase. We have to remember that we aren’t God. Let go and Let God.


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