“Twas 2 days before Christmas-whats on the schedule?”

I am 23 years old and it feels unexpectedly good to have friends to spend Christmas with. I chose to stay in the city.

I know that the holidays are meant to spend with Family, but it feels good to spend Christmas with fellow believers.

A brother in Christ invited me to a Christmas party, and I look forward to the other parties that I may be invited to on Christmas day.

Following the Christmas party,  I planned a small after party at my place, anyone is invited, so I’m excited to relax and enjoy laughs, games and food with friends and possibly meet new people.

One day I can’t wait to experience Christmas in a small festive town, I guess this is becoming something new my to do list for the future.

Later tonight, I am taking my niece to see Christmas lights in the city. My niece is 6 years old and she loves me so much lol. She tends to get mad at me whenever I leave her. So, a little time alone with her will be fun! I can’t wait!

Over the last few years of going home, I didn’t go to church or celebrate when I went home for New years.

 Instead I would spend some years in my room crying  before or after new years.

Instead I promised myself that I will enjoy the holiday. So, for the first time in years, I will be bringing in the new year in Church. I am so happy! 



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