Stepping on, Walking forward 2017

God has Blessed me to reach yet another year! And for this I am grateful!

2016 has been , Wow! Full of lessons and blessings!

I have been through a lot this year but,what I never failed to see is whenever I fell down, Jesus picked me right back up everytime.

Yes,  weeping may endure for the night,  but the good news is , Joy comes in the morning.

I learned this year that it’s about History.

Let me break HISTORY Down.

When I was at my old job, I walked out to a board that said History. Only, when I read the word History,  God gave me revelation and broke the word up into two words…

His Story .

This year I learned that it’s about His Story or His Will for my life and not mine. I definitely learned that I have to surrender and live his Will for my life .

Like my pastor says,” We need to die to ourselves daily.”

This year I spent more time in quiet time. I actually have no time record of how much time is spent in quiet time but, I assume I spend anywhere from 20 min at least to 70 min or more in quiet time.

Quiet times have played a MAJOR part in my growth as a Believer. It has made me closer to our Beautiful and Holy Lord. Quiet times are apart of what makes my relationship with God, and is very imperative to me.

I have learned that as a believer it’s so important to know God’s Love for us. He loves each and every one of us sooo much, more than what we can imagine. I am still learning of how much he Loves me, I expect to learn more every year until I pass into glory but, I have felt and experienced his beauty.

God, I want to thank you for always Loving me.

In times where I gave up, The Lord was there to push me right back up. His hand was right there. I have learned that I have to trust him.

In times where I didn’t have money in my budget or food. I would be blessed with meals to eat by others.

I have also seen how God used me to bless others with a word, In many ways. Oh how grateful I am that he thinks I am still good for his use for the kingdom.

None of us are perfect and we all sin , but the fact that his mercies are new every morning covers and keeps us. His mercy and grace every morning is what keeps us. So, I am so thankful for this!

Earlier this week , I burst into tears. And the weirdest thing happened. I stopped my ugly crying and immediately following a question rose, “Why do we cry about something we will lose anyway? (money), it’s better to Love.”

He stopped me right in the midst of breaking down,  and showed me what he was doing. He comforted me.

So, I new that was Jesus, preparing me for an assignment for the kingdom. At this time it wasn’t about being blessed with money,  but it was about me being used to teach and encourage a family in the Lord. This week God used me to teach a 9 year old Girl who is very hungry,  to learn about who God is. Yesterday, after she was going through tantrums,  she said I’m going to go pray in my room , I have been through a rough day. So, I sat down grabbed my bible and started praying for myself and her, Peace in her mind, peace in my mind, the blood of Jesus to cover her and the blood of Jesus to cover me ect. Then I read some scriptures and started praying as I cleaned the living room filled with toys. I left my bible open on the couch.

When she came out, and saw that my bible was opened, she went back into her room and grabbed her pink bible, then sat on the couch. For some reason she went through my bag, and saw a small notebook I use to write things in , concerning God. 

So, she asked me, “Can you get me one?” I said, “I’m not sure if they still have these,they might be out of stock. But, If I see one I will grab one.” 

So, I suggested that she would use her compostion notebook. So, she said you are right! She ran back in her room and grabbed her composition notebook, then layed on the floor by the door and began to write and read the bible.

I was sooo amazed by the power of Prayer. And how much of an example We as adults can be to children or our children. They want to learn. If I didn’t have my bible open on the couch or didn’t pray, we would have been just sitting there,  and she probably would’ve been going back to those tantrums.

I joined her and layed on the floor, with both of our bibles open, pens and notebooks. We wrote our favorite scripture passages, Psalms 23 and Psalms 25. I got a chance to teach her the bible,  we prayed together. The spirit of God said write down three things you are thankful for. So, I told her let’s write down three things we thank God for.

When her mom got home, she told her mom everything we did. Her mom, said this is great, you need to do this everyday.

We plant seeds, and God adds the increase. 

Sometimes blessings don’t just mean money or material things. But,blessings could be meant to be used for his glory for the kingdom, or feeding the homeless, or receiving peace in our minds, or feeling his overwhelming heavy presence, or getting visions and dreams or getting revelation when read the word. All of these things are blessings from our awesome, Powerful and Majestic Father.

2016 has been an interesting year for me. And Whether we are ready or not God is taking us into another year. I can’t wait to see what he has for me and others this year 🙂

Here is a song by Casey J : “Journal”



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