Hey Word Press! How are you all doing?!

I have been gone for awhile because of personal things going on. But,I love you all and you all inspire Me!

I am alive and Well!

I have been learning and growing. God is ordering my steps according to his word Psalm 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

The year of 2016 knocked me down, In a good way. And 2017 welcomed me with a random free trip, which showed me how God can bless anyway he wants and when he wants, with whoever he wants. He is altogether good , And worthy.

I have been learning to allow Jesus to lead me In all areas of my life with a word that I have been wildly using.

This word has been overlooked, unsuccumed, unaudited and unfelt by me.

This word is a word we all use so wildly….


I now understand what the word Trust means. It literally means to LET GO of you and Follow. Trust means to be selfless, to be dead to our ownselves and to Just Be, while allowing Jesus to Pilot our Life in the fathers Will.

Trust in the Lord with ALL thine heart and LEAN NOT to thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5-6

This word has been a fight, for me.

To Truely let go of who I am. To Truely let go of my plans for my Future.

And the new statement or Words from Jesus that has tossled and grew me up from Trust is 

“Not my Will, but your Will be Done.”

Trust leads to the above words.

 We truely will begin to understand what it means to Follow Jesus after trust.

This is the way…and the truth and the Life.



  1. Whoops. I’m sorry Misgrace. I somehow deleted your comment on an accident …
    But, thank you and so true, sometimes we can get mixed up between our voice and his voice but his Word is truth. God bless you too 🙂


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